Worldwide Diversity in Education

Increasing Diversity in Education

The world is more and more becoming a global society, and many areas are made up of increasingly diverse populations. Diversity in education needs to keep pace with the changes in society in order to provide fair and equal services to all. College diversity statistics is especially important. In areas such as health care, many patients seem to respond better to care from those of their own cultural background. For every segment of our diverse societies to get equal care and services in all areas, then every segment of society needs to be equally well represented in the makeup of classrooms. Many universities and colleges are working towards increasing diversity in their student body through a variety of programs aimed at overcoming obstacles that those from diverse backgrounds face.

Essay on Diversity in Education admissions

Diversity essays are often an optional essay for applicants at many different schools. They present applicants with a means to explain to admissions how their diversity has influenced them in their career choice and worldview perspective. Diversity in education does not always have to do with race or culture. It may also refer to religion, age, ability or anything else that makes you different from the average applicant. Some points to remember when writing a diversity essay include:

  • Focus on positive aspects of your experience. It is okay to mention obstacles and problems but don’t dwell on them. Focus on how you overcame the problem instead.
  • Don’t blame others or point fingers. It comes across as immature and makes it seem like you are whining.
  • Make sure the essay is about you and your diversity and not about the diversity in general.
  • Show how the topic of your essay relates to your career choice and desire for an education. Diversity essays that show a direct connection are viewed favorably.
  • Use a clear and concise writing style and revise often. Admissions are interested in your content, but writing skills will be judged as well.

The essay you submit should also show how your diversity can be an asset to the school and its program. Writing a diversity essay can be difficult. If you are having trouble writing your essay, our diversity statement writing service can help.

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