Writing Diversity Statement for University of Washington

writing uw diversity statement

UW diversity statement centers on an institution that holds great promises for the future of society equipping and providing excellent learning experiences for a diverse community. The diversity statement for Northwestern University graduate school provides applicants with an opportunity to win the admiration and attention of the committee. The diversity statement helps applicant present maturely their life’s experiences and how it has helped to make them better persons for society.

Whatever the discipline be it within the humanities, sciences or writing a George Washington law diversity statement, it must encapsulate the ideals of the institution. Such diversity statement for UCLA ideals includes cultural diversity, values, experiences, and paradigms.

George Washington University ranks 56th position amongst Best Colleges in National Universities category for 2018 and world universities ranking of 201-205 from 2016-2018. Being an institution set at the heart of the nation’s capital George Washington University promotes inclusiveness through The Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement (ODECE).

About Law and Postgraduate Programs at University of Washington

George Washington University holds the pride of the American nation as the oldest Law school in the US capital. GW offers law students an opportunity to pursue a joint degree and enhance their marketability. Considering the multi-cultural stance of the institution George Washington University law school diversity statement must be outstanding to gain entrance in Washington universities.

Law students can do pro bono to get hands-on experience, volunteer cases, community service. George Washington University runs over five research centers, 15 legal learning clinics and five legal journals student can take advantage of in pursuing up to a postgraduate course with specialties in environmental, international and intellectual property law. So, George Washington University law diversity statement helps applicants size their experience to what to expect through Grad school application.

writing a diversity statement for law school

What Should Be in a U Washington Diversity Statement for the University of Washington?

Usually, your U Washington diversity statement must be unique and have all the signs of inclusiveness. A diversity mission United States institutions like the University of Washington must focus on how the applicant’s experience helps promote equality in the community and the society at large through effective leadership, integrity and character development.

The UC diversity statement should:

  • Tell the committee a tale about an early life experience and how it has influenced you for good.
  • A discussion on a particular belief you once held sacrosanctly, and a different view made you drop the initial belief systems. The primary focus could be on your response to such change in belief.
  • Talk about your reaction or experience at community service, the challenges and lesson learned.
  • How growing was for you and how you responded to the problems.

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Samples of Diversity Statement University of Washington

Please note that this is only a guide or sample diversity statement. On how long should a diversity statement be please go through the Q&A section underneath when applying for grad school, diversity statement UCSD or any other program.

Diversity statement samples:

diversity statement sample

Q &A Section on Diversity Statement

What should I include in my diversity statement?

  • Explore your differences.
  • You can write from the perspective of your environmental or childhood experiences.
  • Try to reflective any factor that shows a diversity of your upbringing, schooling, etc.
  • Look at themes that reflect community service, adversity or challenges faced and overcame.
  • If you grew up in a rural setting, suburb or urban center plays out how it has impacted your character and values.

How long should a diversity statement be?

Regarding pages, one to one and a half page is all you need for a diversity statement so you must utilize the space properly. A diversity statement should not exceed 300-700 words.

Is the diversity statement the same as the personal statement?

A personal statement encapsulates your experiences, background, achievements, goals and how you see the program as relevant to your future endeavors. A diversity statement should focus on a lesson from the past that has helped shape your values, cultural perspectives, worldviews and sense of fair judgment. A personal statement could be more than one page and over 1,000 words, unlike diversity statement.

What’s the structure of a diversity statement?

You need to pick a good title and then build a strong introduction to capture the committee’s attention. The body should help sustain interests in your diversity statement while the conclusion must show a descent or completion of a line of thought.

What pattern should I use in arranging my diversity statement?

But a font size of 12-13 points should fit perfectly with double line spacing and 1-inch margin all around. Consult the U Washington website for a guide or update.

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