University of California Diversity Statement Writing

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Through the University of California diversity statement, you can tell the committee about ways your past and present activities have harnessed and shaped you as a person along with your perspectives. Just like a Harvard Law School diversity statement, the university is interested in finding your creative ideas and future activities in your diversity personal statement, which will help contribute to the university. Learn more about diversity statement for Berkeley UC and more.

University of California Diversity Statement Requirements

Diversity is the defining features of CA past, present and future. It describes a wide range of values, experiences and worldviews, which root from the differences of circumstances and culture. The applicants are required to share their past and potential contributions to the diversity, equity and inclusion that will help in the inclusive excellence of the school in their University of California Diversity statement writing.

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For example, applicants are required to submit their personal history statement to share their past and potential contributions to the diversity of the school. It must indicate awareness of challenges and inequities in education faced by disadvantaged groups. It must also demonstrate a record of accomplishment that aims are reducing research and educational barriers for disadvantaged groups. The complete requirements are available on their website.

What to Write in Diversity Statement Medical School

Before you apply for UC Santa Cruz or UCLA jobs, you need to tell your story on ways you faced and overcame challenges before reaching where you are. You must also focus on the accepted understandings of equity and diversity, concentrating on the gender, race, sexual orientation and social class. The UC diversity statement must be about specific things that you did for helping students from underrepresented backgrounds. You must also highlight any underrepresented students and programs that you have joined or get yourself involved in.

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The academic diversity statement must also include your commitment to working towards enhancing diversity and achieving equity. In all cases, you must modify and tailor the diversity statement college professor application based on where you are sending it.

Why Colleges Ask for Diversity Statement Academic Job

Academic jobs in universities and colleges ask for diversity statement to know your personal history and diversity that will help them achieve equity and diversity as well as academic excellence. They want to know your past and potential contributions that will help them achieve their mission of equity through your personal history and a solid background of accomplishment.

UC Davis

The UC Davis requires this essay to know you as a potential professor or graduate student. For a diversity statement professor, they want to know your personal background that leads you to reach this decision to pursue a graduate course or work in the university.

UC Merced

PhD career statement talks about your contributions and achievements as well as personal history to know your achievements, background and accomplishments. They need it to evaluate your fitness for the graduate study.

UC Riverside

As what you can see in a diversity statement professor example, this statement is about your personal history. It is your chance to illustrate how your background helps you decide to take this path. You can also include cultural, social experiences, opportunities and challenges, which are related to this journey.

UC San Diego

This is the additional essay or personal history statement, highlighting ways you can contribute to their diversity. They also want to know how you can be an asset to their program. This is your chance to share your ability to persevere and share your achievements despite educational, economic and social challenges. You can check out more about it on the official website, or read about the SoP requirements.

UC Santa Cruz

The personal history statement is used along with your graduate admission application. The university is interested in an inclusive and diverse graduate student population. Here, you can discuss your background and include cultural, social and familial opportunities, challenges and experiences relevant to the application. Length can be up to three pages. You can read more about it on their website.


No additional writing sample is required. The application instructions are in the SoP section. Submit your SoP in the graduate division application online.

If you’re applying as a faculty member, take note of the diversity statement academic job application requirements. You must also visit the official links provided if you’re looking to be accepted for a medical graduate program by submitting medical school requirements in the specific university of interest.

Land an academic job or a graduate study program. Begin with a great University of California diversity statement today!