UCLA Diversity Statement Tips

ucla diversity statement

Writing a UCLA diversity statement could be quite technical especially for a greenhorn not only because of inexperience but due to the inability to differentiate between a diversity statement and a personal statement essay. Just like Washington university diversity statement each institution have specific expectations from applicants and this could further complicate issues when an applicant has to apply to multiple schools submitting a college-tailored diversity statement.

Let’s guide you using our on-site diversity statement sample to include Harvard law school diversity statement and more.

Studying at UCLA is indeed a big deal the institution provides access to quality education to a large number of students with a diverse background. UCLA ranks No. 1 for best public universities with a tie with UC Berkeley and 21st position for national universities.

UCLA diversity posture focuses on providing equal learning opportunities to a diverse number of people, promoting cross-cultural pollination and inclusion for many. The idea of diversity is to in the true spirit of California foster gender equality, religious understanding, and tolerance, etc. to promote creativity and academic excellence.

About Law and Diversity Postgraduate Programs for UCLA

UCLA School of law diversity statement avails students position themselves for California Grad schools proposition 209 compliance which borders race and gender equity.

UCLA law school is about the oldest in south California and student can take a joint degree course or pursue an LLM in law. The law school runs a practice-based program as policy makers; practicing lawyers and judges come into the classroom to strengthen students knowledge of the legal profession. So, a UCLA diversity statement graduate application success means an entry into hands-on legal training in business law, international, media, technology, comparative, entertainment or public interest law have met all UCLA application procedure.

UCLA students learn through diversity, bringing ingenuity into learning and for a successful career both in public and private legal practice.

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What to Include in a Diversity Statement for UCLA

In the spirit of the Golden state UCLA diversity statement, the academic job application is also part of the means to ensure diversity of cultures, a strength of leadership and equity for recruitment purpose and then for students’ job after UCLA.

UCLA law school diversity statement helps portray some of the critical ingredients of diversity as aspiring applicants should capture their life’s experiences and how they reflect the principle of inclusiveness as well as make them fit for California’s one of the best law schools the US. And so your diversity statement should contain:

  • Details of your diversity background. A tale about how a former disadvantaged childhood experience has today become a strength regarding character or values.
  • What growing up at home with a single parent or a suburb was like for you, the lessons learned and how it has made you a better person today.
  • Growing up in a minority ethnic group experience and how your experiences made you a better person today.

Samples of Diversity Statement UCLA

ucla diversity statement sample

FAQ about Writing a Diversity Statement

Which is longer the diversity or personal statement?

Personal history and diversity statement for UCLA grad school is usually not more than 700 words maximum. Depending on the academic institution a personal statement could run for up to 1,500 words in length. Your diversity statement could be as small as 300 words most times.

How should I present my diversity statement?

It is your diversity statement and what you need do is present a charming tale of life experience either doing community service, growing up with a single parent, rural environment and more as well as how it has shaped your values for life.

Your introductory paragraph is the key to keeping your readers, the admission committee reading or dissatisfied with your work. The body should flow naturally, and the conclusion should be sharp and portray a person who has grown to become a leader and valuable to the university community and society at large.

What’s the best way to present the diversity statement, narrative or descriptive?

Whether narrative or descriptive depends on the picture, you want to paint before the committee. If you are using narration, then it means you want to tell a tale, and it must follow chronologically and finally deliver the lessons learned. If you intend using a description, then the object of your story should be descriptive enough for the committee to picture it live.

You could also approach the diversity statement from the first, second or third person conversation angle. The first person uses I, the second person writes with he or she while the third person is more of reporting what another person said or witnessed and that comes as less authoritative since it is another person’s experience of a situation.

What format should I use?

A font size of 12-13 is best for your diversity statement with 1-inch margins.

What structure should the diversity statement take?

A standard essay structure with introduction, body, and conclusion is best for your diversity statement. But all paragraphs should follow sequentially.

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