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School Selection Based on College Diversity Statistics

For many university applicants, one of the criteria they use in selecting a school to attend is the diversity of the student body. There is a feeling that a diverse student population enhances the overall college experience as well as better prepares students to deal with increasing diversity in the workplace and globalization of society as a whole. For students who are minorities or from different cultural backgrounds, the diversity of a college campus is an indication of that institutions concern and commitment to dealing with issues that may arise due to a student’s differences.

College diversity statistics are often included on a schools website and in its literature to attract students. For example, Harvard University diversity statistics are considered one of its selling points. There are publications such as Forbes and U.S. News that rank universities based on diversity in nursing education. Rankings do vary between lists depending on the methodology used. The 5 most diverse universities in the United States are:

  1. Rutgers – Newark, New Jersey
  2. Andrews University – Berrien Springs, MI
  3. Stanford University – Stanford, CA
  4. St. Johns University – Queens, NY
  5. University of Houston – Houston, Texas

Writing a Diversity Statement for College Admissions

Many colleges and universities use a diversity essay as an optional/supplemental essay. A well-written diversity essay can strengthen an applicant’s application and explain to admissions how their differences have made them who they are. A diversity statement doesn’t have to be about race, although it can be. It can be about anything that makes you different than most other applicants. Before opting to write a diversity essay ask yourself:

  • Did you have a diverse experience, background or upbringing?
  • Did this background make you genuinely different?
  • Did this background allow you to have a different perspective
  • How has this diverse perspective changed your career and life goals?

Most schools are committed to improving diversity in their student body, and college diversity statistics reflect this. A diversity essay allows you to explain how your difference has influenced you, and how it will make you an asset to the school you are applying to. If you are unsure how to write a diversity essay, we provide a service that can help.

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