Prepare Your Diversity Council Mission Statement

Purpose of a Diversity Council Mission Statement

Many businesses, institutions and organizations have diversity councils, which are responsible for forming policies that promote fairness and equality for all people regardless of race, religion, sex, age or any other reason. They may also be tasked with attracting a more diverse membership/workforce and other responsibilities.

A diversity council mission statement is essentially a declaration of the institution/organizations commitment to equality for every individual and will. It may discuss particular areas and goals they will focus on, depending on the type of organization they are. For example, a university council mission statement on diversity may include discussion on developing a more diverse student population.

Writing a Diversity Council Mission Statement

A diversity council mission statement isn’t something that can be dashed off in a matter of minutes. Before writing the statement, there must be an honest assessment of what should be specifically addressed and what goals should be set. Some points to keep in mind when writing a diversity statement include for council mission:

  • Language is important – Framing your statement incorrectly with careless wording can actually result in legal repercussions. The diversity statement should neither omit or single out any one particular group. The wording is very important and even an unintentional mistake could have serious consequences.
  • Government requirements – There are government definitions of diversity that should be included in the statements’ wording. This will require a little research to see how Federal, state and local governments have defined it so their definitions can be incorporated into your statement. Some business contracts may require a diversity mission statement for an organization to be considered.
  • It is a statement of your organizations’ values – While it has a legal purpose, the diversity council mission statement is also a declaration of your organizations’ values when it comes to equality.

Writing a good diversity council mission statement isn’t easy. If you are having difficulty with writing your diversity mission statement we can help.

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