How to Write Diversity Statement for Northwestern University Graduate School?

writing northwestern graduate school diversity statement

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The Northwestern diversity statement for graduate school runs an open platform for aspiring students from all works of life, different cultures and more to co-exist in a learning environment without prejudice or discrimination.

The Graduate School (TGS) believes that diversity can occur better in a vicinity where understanding thrives irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, locality and nationality, life, and work experiences. The whole essence of TGS, therefore, is the creation of an environment of shared values, approaches, perspectives and more as the hallmark of academics par excellence. And the Washington university diversity statement becomes one of the basis to assess and admit applicants into the program.

About Law and Postgraduate Programs

Taking a course in law or a graduate program at Northwestern University focuses on broadening your horizon on global affairs, the rule of law and constitutional arrangement. It takes into focus how to efficiently take your diverse background and make it stronger for self and society, presenting it in the Northwestern university diversity statement reflecting as much diversity statistics or indices to get you into campus.

A postgraduate course, as well as a course in law at the Northwestern University, is not only demanding but centers on upholding the institution’s principle of diversity, inclusion, and equality. It prepares graduates for the challenges of a corporate world of constitutional law or the defense of humanity through adjudication. So, a Northwestern law diversity statement should reflect your appreciation of the US and international legal systems. Need help with how to write a diversity essay? You could seek our professional guidance or go through samples on our site for advice.

Importance of Diversity Statement for Northwestern University

Diversity statement for the graduate school is as important as whatever course you intend studying in the institution. Hence, your experiences play a pivotal role in admittance into a diversity program so that your background, ethnicity and minority issues could help build the greater good of all.

diversity statement northwestern

Requirements for Writing a Diversity Statement for Northwestern University

  • First, we recommend you check our site for Northwestern university diversity statement sample as a guide for your essay college application.
  • You need to properly outline your thoughts to show how your background has helped to shape your present status.
  • Ability to write about a unique experience relating to your growing up days.
  • Ability to present your thoughts and experiences in a logical and easy to assimilate manner.
  • A Clear understanding of how to craft a killing intro sentence to captivate the committee.
  • Picking a title, storyline and question your diversity statement should answer.
  • A nag for details is a must to write an excellent diversity statement Northwestern University. Your essay must be edited, proofread and adequately formatted to standout for all diversity programs at universities.

Writing a Diversity Statement: Sample

northwestern university diversity statement sample

The above sample fits a diversity statement sample graduate school application.

Q&A on Diversity Statement for Northwestern University

How long should my diversity statement be?

Usually one or one and a half pages maximum or 300 to 700 words is enough for a diversity statement.

What should essential elements be in my diversity statement?

  • Childhood Experiences
  • How cultures have shaped your upbringing.
  • Describe the kind of area you grew up and how it has affected you.
  • Family life, parents and what you can learn from growing up with siblings.

What’s the difference between the personal statement and the diversity statement?

A personal statement helps explain further what you cannot capture in details in your resume. It talks about your achievements, experiences, aspirations in life and how they have shaped you and help you succeed in the future. A diversity statement helps relate your past experiences to see how best you fit into a multi0cultural institution and how you can display leadership regarding inclusiveness and equality.

Must I submit a diversity statement?

Yes, because it is one of the requirements as set out by the institution of learning. A diversity statement helps the admissions committee assess if you know how to write a diversity statement for grad school and if suitable for a multi-cultural institution built on the principle of inclusion, value judgment, tolerance of diversity and equality.

How long can it take to write a diversity statement?

One to three days is good enough for a diversity statement. The issue is not for the length of days but the quality of the content. You need to write multiple drafts, edit, proofread before the final copy.

How do I format my diversity statement?

Your statement should not exceed two pages maximum, and a font size of 12-13 character and double line spacing is best suitable. The line margin should be 1-inch all around.

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