Important about Diversity Programs In Schools

The Need for Diversity Programs in Schools

There is a growing trend in academics to introduce and/or expand diversity programs on campus, both in an academic sense and as a way to promote fairness and equality in admissions, student services and other areas. Diversity programs in schools are not only needed to make sure everybody receives fair and equal treatment, but to prepare students for an increasingly diverse society and workplace.

Diversity isn’t just a matter of race and culture although these are elements involved. Diversity programs and curriculum should address issues that include but are not limited to:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Culture
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Socioeconomic class
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Ability/disability

A diverse student population is considered a benefit by universities, and many schools include some mention of diversity in their literature and on websites. Many schools now offer diversity certification/certificate programs that can be taken in conjunction with other coursework and that will count as credit towards some degree programs. For students considering careers in human resources, education and many other areas, diversity training/certification is not only considered a benefit, but is essential.

Diversity Programs in Schools Admission Process

Diversity is factored into the admissions process by many academic institutions through the submission of diversity essays and personal statements. The diversity essay graduate school applicants may be asked to write is intended to provide information to admissions on how a student’s differences have affected and influenced them. When writing diversity essays, some tips that may benefit you include:

  • Show how your personal experience has given you a different perspective than most other students.
  • Avoid being negative or antagonistic. If your diversity has caused some negative experiences, rather than focus on the experience, focus on how you overcame the problem.
  • Show a connection between your diversity topic and your career choice if possible.
  • A diversity essay doesn’t have to be about overcoming obstacles although it can be. It is about how you have been influenced by being different.
  • It’s an essay for college/university admission. A poorly written essay full of errors will not reflect well on you. Put some time and effort into the writing process.

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