How to Write a Diversity Statement

A diversity statement is not a ‘feel-good we love everybody’ text. This is a very serious policy statement that reflects a commitment on the part of an organization to equality and fairness. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to knowing how to write a diversity statement.

Look through important questions here:

Why should one be written in the first place?
It supports the EEO efforts of any organization. Moreover, various levels of government may require a mission statement to show a commitment to equality.

What about diversity topics?
Diversity topics cover a wide area of human resource issues. Those minorities who are recognized by the government at the various levels ought to be included, and their minority status expressly stated (e.g. gender, place of national origin, age, etc.). The statement reflects a commitment of management to see to it that these various groups are respected and their career opportunities are protected.

How long should a diversity statement be?
This does not have to be a lengthy text, but it does have to include all of the minorities as defined by law. A sense of the value structure of the organization should also be included in the content.

How important is a diversity statement?
It is very important. Various government contracts or grants insist that a diversity statement be a part of the paperwork submitted. Without it, any application for funding or grant awards might be discarded. This statement is also something that could be admissible as evidence in a court of law. It is a means by which an organization can be protected against a discrimination suit.

Can anybody write a diversity statement?
Anybody could but most people shouldn’t. The reason is that the language of the diversity statement has to reflect both the law and the values of the organization. Frankly, it is risky business to have someone who is unfamiliar with diversity and inclusion attempt to prepare this document. A professional third-party that is experienced in writing diversity statements is the best writer.

It also is extremely important to remember that a diversity statement showcases an organization to everyone. It lets it be known to college career offices and other employment centers that the company will offer equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of background. It tells the community that being fair is a key value. A good diversity statement will encourage minorities to apply for open positions, providing a substantial benefit of which management should be aware. It opens the door to a talent that can be anywhere and everywhere. Being able to encourage highly skilled people to fill open positions is certainly a benefit in this highly competitive economy.

If you don’t know how to write a diversity statement, we are here to give you a hand!