Diversity Vision Statement Writing Service

Why You Need a Diversity Vision Statement

diversity vision statementA number of organizations will have a diversity vision statement written because it makes business sense. There is no denying that, but there should be a little bit more to this document. A good diversity statement reflects a desire of an organization to promote fairness in society. It communicates a need to have people be judged on merit and not their minority status. These are reasons why creating a diversity value statement is not an easy thing to do.

Right Words for Diversity Value Statement

diversity vision statementA vision statement should reflect the heartfelt value an organization has for diversity. These must be very positive words that express a desire to have inclusion happen now and not later. It is also critical that the text specify minorities who are defined by law. Equal employment opportunity legislation mentions these specific minorities; they are not generic terms. A decision-maker must remember that any application for a grant or a government contract needs the correct terminology. The review panel of any foundation or government agency will be looking expressly for them.

The Inner Sense Has to Be There

diversity value statementThe vocabulary of a diversity statement shouldn’t be dry legalese. There is a lot to be said for true emotion coming through in the nouns and verbs chosen. This document is something that says to the community-at-large that an organization is committed to diversity. This dedication would include hiring, promotion, merit raises, and other career opportunities. An equality and diversity statement also signals to minorities that they have a chance for an enriching job experience with the given organization or company. These feelings have to be adequately conveyed and inexperienced writers have a hard time conveying this message.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

diversity value statementWe have written these statements before and fully appreciate their importance. Our writers make certain that all of the legal requirements are covered and that no minority is inadvertently left out of the statement. Additionally, our staff is comprised of seasoned crafters of words. The right sentence choices will be used to convey the power of an organization’s commitment to fairness. We will work with a client to produce the very best personal statement of diversity possible. Any suggestions or revisions that will add to the diverse tone of the content will be part of the writing process. We want the final draft to be something a company will be proud to publicize.
Our society is becoming more aware of the need for acceptance of diverse groups. We believe that our assistance will allow any organization to show full commitment to that objective. We welcome any chance to further explain all that we can do, and we look forward to answering any questions.

Any question? We can help with your diversity vision statement anytime!