Diversity Statement for Harvard Law School

writing harvard law school diversity statement

Writing a diversity statement for any academic institution is no way a piece of cake but writing Harvard law school diversity statement or diversity statement for UCLA requires more experience, tact and a lot of expertise.

The diversity statement informs the admissions committee about your background and how it has led to your worldviews. Having a diverse background could mean a lot of things; your ethnic inclinations, religious inclination, skills, upbringing, family experiences, rural-urban environmental drifts and more as well as how these experiences have contributed in making you a better person.

The diversity statement Harvard law school stems from the need to advance inclusion, equal opportunity, and diversity through excellent academic programs. And the same thing applies to diversity statement for Berkeley UC.

However, diversity statement writing helps an applicant to pitch their diverse experience when writing to the admissions committee in securing a place in the institution. Relying on professional Harvard law school diversity writing service like ours can help guarantee a smooth sail into Harvard law.

About Diversity Statement Harvard Law School and Postgraduate Programs

Here is why schooling at Harvard is a big deal. When it is the best in a law program then Harvard law school ranks as one of the best. It provides first-class legal training in the advancement of the justice system worldwide.

Harvard is one of the most prestigious institutions, the oldest private university in the US. Its law school is the second oldest law school in the United States with the most extensive access to legal resources and materials in the world. Harvard’s legal curriculum is top-rated covering courses in the legal profession to include: contract, property, civil and criminal procedures, and torts. And with Langdell’s formulation of teaching methods for legal education, the United States immediately adopted Harvard law school model for her law schools.

Regarding ranking, Harvard University is the 2nd Best National University in the US, 1st overall best university in the US, 2nd Best Value Schools and 1st in High School Counsellor ranking. Worldwide, Harvard is the 6th best University and the number 1 university with an excellent reputation. Compared to the Ivy League schools Harvard selection criteria is highly competitive.

All of these make writing a diversity statement Harvard law school an activity requiring tact and professionalism. See law school requirements underneath or speak with our consultants for professional advice.

how to write a diversity statement harvard

Importance of Law School Diversity Statement for Harvard Law and Postgraduate Programs

The diversity statement helps establish a link between your past experiences, your present outlook on life as a reason to get an admission into a diverse program. A course in law on its own is challenging, but a graduate program in law at the Harvard law school can mark the leap you need in your career as a legal luminary. The law school diversity statement is the key to a rewarding law career path at Harvard.

The admission process into Harvard beyond being competitive must be from inclusiveness, diversity and focused on promoting leadership on campus. You topic provides an opportunity to stand out during the review process by the admissions committee. It is the first thing to call attention to your diversity statement so it must be compelling.

Sample of Diversity Statement For Graduate School Harvard

harvard law school diversity statement sample

The above diversity statement for graduate school covers using skill-based experienced from the applicant’s past to write personal history and diversity statement for a job application but could relate to a course in law as well.

Q&A’s on Writing Harvard Diversity Inclusion Statement

What is the information requested when applying to Harvard law school?

  • Fill the online application form
  • Submit a copy of your Resume
  • Submit a well-written Personal Statement
  • Standardized test, LSAT- Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Credentials Assembly Service (CAS) Graduate Record Exams (GRE) within the last five years of a joint degree course.
  • Two recommendation letters from your academic institution and the other from a reliable source talking about, personality and readiness to take a course in law at Harvard law schools.
  • Diversity statement
  • Certifications
  • Interviews

How do I present my diversity inclusion statement for Harvard Law?

The law school essay should address issues relating to your past experiences, challenges, growing up, ethnic or religious background, family experiences, work experiences, sexual orientation, etc. and how they have shaped your values as well as whom you have become.

What format should I adopt in writing a diversity statement?

To know what to write in a diversity statement first, decide on an attention-grabbing topic and the angle you intend to present your essay from whether it is a first person, second or third person perspective. First person angles always have better appeals.

Then, do outlines of the story before you commence writing. It will help to make it chronological and easier to understand. You can use an account of an experience and then relate the lessons learned or the values imbibed from experience.

How lengthy should my Harvard law essay be?

A single, double-spaced document should be the standard. However, it must not exceed 300-500 words.

How to write a diversity statement?

  • Pick a topic.
  • Decide on the style and angle to focus.
  • Create a first draft or outline.
  • It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Make multiple adjustments.
  • Edit, proofread and format.
  • Let a professional diversity statement writing & editing company like us approve your content as ok before submission.

What is a diversity statement?

A diversity statement in three to five hundred words presents your experiences, background, family experiences, environment, religion, economic status, ethnicity or race in an essay explaining how such experiences help make you a better person relevant for the institution.

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