Get Known about Diversity in College Admissions

Improving Diversity in College Admissions

There are many factors to be considered when selecting the college or university you will attend. For many school applicants, diversity in the student body is an important factor in their decision.

A diverse student body:

  • Increases learning opportunities
  • Broadens perspectives and adds to the academic experience
  • Better prepares students for increasing globalization

For students from different cultures or who are members of other diverse groups, a diverse campus is a good indication of a schools commitment to addressing the challenges presented in catering to many diverse groups, to ensure all receive equal and fair treatment. A diverse student body increases diversity in college admissions in and of itself. Education diversity at college campuses can be improved by developing programs that will attract those from diverse backgrounds. An example of this would be the Diversity Intern program at Amherst College. Current students work with admissions to reach out to prospective students from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and provide information on Amherst and what it has to offer from their own perspective. Many universities have similar programs, or others to help promote diversity in college admissions.

Essays on Diversity in College Admissions.

Diversity essays are an optional essay choice at a large number of colleges and universities. Applicants from diverse backgrounds can explain how their background has influenced them in their career choices and how their diversity can be considered an asset and positive for the school. A diversity essay doesn’t have to be about race or culture, although it can be. Diversity in college admissions encompasses such things as sex, age, ability, religion or any other issue that makes you different from the average applicant, as well as race and culture. The diversity essay should:

  • Explain your diversity and how it has influenced you
  • If possible show a connection between the essay topic and your career choice
  • Focus on a particular theme
  • Avoid being negative and focus on positive points
  • Be well written in a clear and concise style

There are many factors aside from the diversity essay that go into the application process. However a well written diversity essay can tip the scales in your favor. If you are unsure of the best way to write your diversity essay, we provide a diversity statement writing service that can help.

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