Diversity Courses Help with Admissions

Diversity Courses in College Curriculum

Society as a whole is becoming increasingly diverse and addressing diversity in the workplace, education, healthcare and other areas becoming a growing concern. Colleges and universities are adding courses to their curriculum in order to better inform and instruct students on various diversity issues they may encounter when they graduate. Human resource departments in many institutions now must deal with diversity issues and these and other occupations are creating a demand for diversity courses. Many such courses can be applied towards different degrees from the school offering them, as well as to certificates or certification in diversity at college. Multiple school efforts such as the Diversity MBA Admissions Conference (DMAC) help to introduce more diversity into top-level MBA programs. Schools, in general, are taking action on many fronts to deal with current and future diversity issues.

Increased Admissions through Diversity Courses

By offering a variety of diversity courses, some schools are able to increase diversity in admissions. Many HR, administrative and healthcare areas need those with some education or certification in diversity, and demand is increasing. Applicants from diverse backgrounds often consider careers assisting others with similar backgrounds, and diversity courses that educate on issues that they face are a benefit in convincing them to enroll in those schools offering such courses. Diversity courses are available at many schools on topics dealing with:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Social class
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability

By taking a combination of classes on these topics, students at some schools like Ohio University can graduate with a Diversity Studies Certificate in addition to the undergraduate degree they were working towards. Diverse applicants to colleges can often improve their admission chances by writing an optional diversity essay as part of their application package. The diversity essay should:

  • Discuss your diversity and how it has influenced your career choice
  • Deal with obstacles that diversity may have presented in a positive manner
  • Avoid placing blame on others
  • Be well written in a clear and concise style

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