Chatting about Cultural Diversity in Nursing Education

Why Cultural Diversity in Nursing Education Is Important

The U.S. Population is growing increasingly diverse with minorities making up around 37 percent of the population. By 2060 it is projected that minorities will make up 57 percent of the population. A more diverse nursing pool is necessary and will become more so to address language and cultural differences. In many instances, it has been shown that patients often respond better when treated by nurses from the same cultural background, even when language is not an issue. Nursing schools are working to attract a more diverse student body with a variety of different programs that provide assistance with various factors that could provide obstacles to prospective students from different backgrounds. To provide more diversity in health care, cultural diversity in nursing education is essential.

Essays on Cultural Diversity in Nursing Education Admissions

There are those who are under the misconception that being from a different culture or of a minority group automatically qualifies an applicant for admission. This is not the case at all. Diversity in nursing education still requires that applicants from culturally diverse backgrounds meet admission requirements. The concern of educational institutions is to be able to address issues that may hamper a more diverse enrollment Diversity essays graduate school needs are often one of the essay options for the nursing school application.Admissions boards want to know how coming from a different background has influenced applicants, and how that can be an asset in both their program and the nursing field.

Some guidelines that can be useful in writing diversity essays for nursing school admissions include:

  • Show how your differences have given you a different perspective and how this is an asset.
  • Try and make a connection between your diversity essay topic and your choice of nursing as a career.
  • Don’t let your diversity essay become a “poor me” essay. It is fine to mention obstacles you have encountered, but focus on how you overcame the obstacle and how it helped you develop, rather than the obstacle itself.
  • Keep in mind that the diversity essay displays your writing skills. Make sure the essay you submit is well written and doesn’t contain spelling and grammatical errors.

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