Check Our Sample Diversity Statement

Check Our Sample Diversity Statement

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Diversity statements are becoming increasingly more important. They are something every person ought to have, and academia is requiring statements of personal diversity from school applicants as well. Many people don’t quite understand what goes into writing one of these documents. There’s a certain kind of language and feeling that ought to be locked inside the words. We have a sample diversity mission statement that highlights what we mean.

Diversity Statement Sample

I was brought up in a family who is always on the go. My dad was a diplomat, whose job have brought us to Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, Lebanon, Bahrain and his latest assignment, in Vietnam. My mom is his true partner, she uses her degree in Social Work to provide help to our countrymen who were either victims of maltreatment by their employers or got caught in the crossfire of war. Likewise, I grew up surrounded by cultures different from my own, I was encouraged to identify and value both the commonalities and differences in the human experience. Although there were times that I felt tired and would have just loved to stay in one place, I began to grasp and appreciate all that`s been going on in my life before I reached college. As a student, exposure to diverse peoples was instrumental in shaping my worldview and values. I have to admit, though, that my upbringing has contributed to my decision to finish my degree in International Studies. To demonstrate how I employ my cultural competency in the classroom, I have placed great emphasis on my work these past years with the Foreign Studies Undergraduate Scholars Program (UAP-FSUSP). Based on my experiences teaching college students, I expect that students in the class at UAP to be diverse in innumerable ways. My work with these students exemplifies how I approach working with non-traditional students and is also indicative of what I will accomplish as a professor at ABC University. One of the remarkable achievements I have attained so far, is the “Culture Diversity Project” a 4-day seminar where I spearheaded future career service. We gave an opportunity for men and women to look and feel as to what`s in store for them in their chosen field. The purpose of such activity is to render awareness, develop keen assessment and cost-efficient implementation of programs to aid expats in learning how they can adjust and become effective in their jobs. In fact, when these students returned to their respective countries, they take with them valuable insights on how practical and beneficial the project has, in fact, become to them. Most of these students came from countries with historically underserved backgrounds and where their economic and academic opportunities are limited. At 26, I feel that I can do more and I believe that as I pursue my Master`s Degree in Global Studies, it will enable me to acquire essential skills in policy and project design and evaluation, finance accounting and applied economics, as well as management and planning methods. Finally, I am inspired when my students learn how to formulate, manage and audit public policies and projects in ways that are meaningful to them. As such, I strive to introduce them to policy makers and ambassadors – from an array of backgrounds and support students as they shape their own identities to become project managers, consultants (auditing) and as specialists in the innovation sector as project designer and managers.

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Wording Of The Text

sample diversity statementWe provide diversity statement samples to give a prospective client or any interested person an opportunity to see what these actually look like. Admittedly, the wording of a diversity statement is going to be different between that of an organization and that of an applying student. We take great pains to make sure that any corporate diversity statement contains all that the law requires in the words. An organizational diversity statement sample is available for review.

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Sound Style And Perfect Grammar

diversity statement samplesAn academic diversity statement has to be clear, no matter why it is being written. This means that the writing style must be understandable with no grammatical errors. We produce a polished copy for our clients. The statement says in no uncertain terms as to either the commitment of an organization or the inner perceptions of a student. There is never any confusion. Our former clients have remarked very favorably on our end products. Our staff is comprised of experienced wordsmiths who employ the phrases and text that give meaning to these very important documents.



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Take A Look At Sample Diversity Statement

diversity statement sampleWe certainly encourage people to take a look at the diversity statement examples we have on the website. These documents will give an idea of the various types of diversity statements which may need to be drafted. It is easy to notice that a diversity statement for a company must contain certain language. Moreover, an individual’s diversity statement is a reflection of the person. We always work with the client and there are no boiler plates. We want to be certain that the statement of diversity reflects the values of the company or the inner feelings of a person equally well. An individual will also notice that diversity statements written by professionals are very different than those crafted by an inexperienced person. The degree of quality and clarity we offer sets us apart from many other services. We can provide the kind of text that a person or a business will need to convey this message. Taking a look at one of our sample statements will help you better understand our high-quality work.

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